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Econet Sabae is a public facility for conducting various environmental experience learning and environmental education.

In addition, you can use the conference room and hands-on learning room of the hotel for meetings and events of various groups (for a fee).

You can use your own computer, tablet, smartphone, etc. with a high-speed line because you can use wireless LAN for free in the hall.

* A password must be set when connecting to the hotel's wireless LAN for the first time. Re-enter after setting

It can be used without. Please feel free to use.

conference room

You can see the availability of the conference rooms by clicking the image of each conference room and the "Reservation Confirmation" button. However, you cannot check the availability only in the information corner on the 1st floor. Please contact us.

1st floor meeting room

1st floor information corner

2nd floor experiential learning room

2nd floor meeting space


Sabae City Environmental Education Support Center Econet Sabae



73-11 Nakano-cho, Sabae-shi, Fukui 916-0033


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